Turbo Dismount: A Fantastic Video Game for Game Lovers

It is a physics game. Mr. Dismount, the main personality, is behindhand the wheel of many outrageous and modern modes of transport with the goal of producing as much havoc as he probably can.

Know About Turbo dismount

About Turbo dismount

It is the official sequel to Stair Dismount. The goal of the game is to get as much points as possible by causing damage to yourself and the NPC vehicles on the map.


Turbo Dismount is an act game developed by Jetro and released on Mac OS, Microsoft Windows. This game is a dynamic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the unique design cars who love him. It is the official follow-up to the immensely successful and excitedly popular personal impact simulator, dismount. The highpoints of this involvement are various vehicles, an amazing replay structure, and high-speed physics, and level editing features an undiscriminating sense of style. Within a few month this interesting game gained top ranked in the list of online computer games. With this it achieves lots of trophies for this unique and interesting play sticks. If you go through about of this game in its official website you will find a list of all trophies and achievements available in the game.

Basic information about it:

Turbo dismount (original)

Developer(s):  Jetro Lauha is very well-known video game developer. He developed this game as a demo version and never think that this will become a real video game. This is the most glories achievement of jetro.

Publisher(s):   this game first published in 2009 at tAAt.

Platform(s):    player can enjoy this game in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS version.

Release date(s):    in August 2002 the simple demo version is test by Mr. Dismount and he like it very much. After that it was published for players in the year of 2009.

Mode(s):         The mode of the game means number of players to play this game at a time is single. Turbo dismount (iPhone & iPod touch) Platform(s):    The newest version of this game supports the configuration of iPod touch, iPhone, and Android device. It is really a great achievement for the developers. And with this new invention everyone can enjoy this game any time from any place.

Release date(s):  This app is released in 25 Nov, 2009

Mode(s):         the number of players to play this game is one at a time.


Basic idea about it:

The idea was to put a dummy down some staircases and watch in turns of cackles as its ragdoll body bounced off each and every step.

Turbo dismount review

Turbo dismount game online

Highest points were given for breaking every bone in Mr. Dismount’s bashing body. The game is an awesome viewer sport, and funny homemade demo from the computer version is all over YouTube like a viral cat video. As such, the game developers and publishers Jani says that the iOS version of this game will support every play soundtrack for sharing replays.

Best thing:

Best of all the reason to play turbo dismount is, it constantly records all act which you do in this. So you never miss an amusing run. And you can go back and make your own emphasize reel with numerous shots, different camera angles, reverse, and slow motion.